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                Products that we have used and recommend

                    The Awakened Millionaire Academy by Dr Joe Vitale
           The Awakened Millionaire Academy is a brand-new online training course where Dr. Vitale
           gives you 15 modules of fast and furious mental awakenings that reveal how to master the
           true nature of money, how to turn your passion into profit, how to live a life of meaning,
           impact, and purpose, and how to experience spiritual awakening at the same time.

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                             Meditate Deeper Than A Zen Monk.

           Deep Zen is a unique audio program that utilizes specific, scientifically defined brainwave
             frequencies to emulate what a Zen Monk experiences in deep, blissful meditation.
             Deep Zen has been designed, specifically, to aid you with achieving a rich, insightful
             meditation experience.
             And you can still meditate even if you fall asleep.

                           EFT or Tapping

              Most people have the false belief that there is nothing they can do about stress and that
              dealing with it isn't that important anyway!
           An easy to read. step-by-step book that will help you eliminate the frustration, stress, anxiety and
               overwhelm from your life, using EFT or Tapping!

              This scientifically proven technique is helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world
              and it can help YOU to drastically improve your life today .........

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                          Free eBook

          103 Disempowering beliefs about money & success and how to eliminate them in minutes!

              Discover exactly what disempowering beliefs are holding you back from having the money
              and success you deserve!

                          Free webinar

              How to use EFT / Tapping to create an abundant, stress-free, financial future faster than you thought possible!

              This is a content packed webinar where you will discover the unconscious beliefs and patterns holding you back
              and how to eliminate them from your life ..... forever!

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                        4 Steps to Power Prospecting on Linkedin 
            A step-by-step guide & daily action plan to success        

               Have MORE Prospects turning Into MORE Team Members
               In this guide, I’m going to share with you the EXACT steps I took to unleash the incredible power of LinkedIn®.
               These are the secrets I used to go from zero, to making multiple five figures a month in less than a year.

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                       Mastering Conversations That Close

           FREE Guide: 6 Proven steps to dramatically increase your closing rate.

              The ultimate network marketer's guide to creating connections & turning prospects into partners.

                        60 Minute Sales

             Discover a powerful NEW way to ATTRACT perfect prospects & recruit the "Cream of the crop"
             by leveraging the Number 1 Social Network for entrepreneurs!
             I just a couple of hours, you'll be fully armed with a revolutionary, never-seen before and 100% FREE strategy
             for using LinkedIn to generate super high quality leads, make a ton of sales and enroll new team members with ease!

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                       Discover the Untapped Power of LinkedIn

               What you will learn on this FREE web class:
               Secret #1: A simple 3 step process that will turn prospects into team members!
               Secret #2: How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a moneymaking machine!
               Secret #3: Two special Ninja tricks that will have more people reaching out to you!

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