Earn extra money - So you want a 2nd income?
How To Make Money From Home! -                  Why Not You??
Do You Want To Make A Second Income?

As with everyone, I left school and got a job and thought that I would be rich.

Little did I know at the time that working for a boss, doesn’t make you rich.
So for years
  • I got up early, drove through traffic to work
  • did what my boss told me to do
  • had lunch when my boss told me to
  • and went home when my boss allowed me to
  • drove back through traffic
  • got home
  • ate
  • went to sleep
  • and did the same thing the next day and the next day and the next day, etc...

I feel that you can relate to this.

Then one day I decided that I would work for myself in my chosen field ... installing and servicing alarm systems.

Again, I thought I would be rich.

Again, I was wrong.

Then I was approached by Paul who said, “I hear that you are looking for something better. I feel I may have just what you are looking for”.

And he did. 

So I followed his training.

Then I met another guy called Joe who introduced me to some more great training.

So I followed what they both said and I built up a 2nd income.

So now I teach everyone that sees what I do as a great way of making money, everything that I know.

And they benefit from my knowledge, putting it into practice and building their business to greatness as well.

And if you join my team, you will get that very same teaching, free of charge.

And I promise you that you will have the very best chance of success, if you follow it.

But the choice is yours.

Continuing what you currently do or do something different.

Do you know that getting ahead in today’s world is rigged against you.
We are told to get a good education, get a good job, work till we are 65 and we will retire rich.
No one who works for a boss retires at 65, rich.

And it is not your fault you are not as successful as you want to be.

Our brain is wired to resist change. But the good news is that we can re-wire our brain for success.

What are you really wanting out of your life?

I may be able to help you.

Now this is where this opportunity comes in.

Yes, we have to do somethings to succeed. That is just how it is.

But we will see this through together because when you are making good money & getting the things you want in life, it becomes fun.

We buy our goods online, our purchases are delivered to our door and we get a rebate on our purchases.

Quick and convenient.

Vitamins and minerals, skin care, cosmetics, health and wellness products, weight loss, energy drinks, snacks, home loans, utilities, insurances, etc. 

So instead of buying where you buy now, you switch to online and get them delivered to your door.

You can increase the money rebated to you by mentioning this to others and when they buy, you get a percentage of that, too.

Now those other people also get a rebate on their purchases.

And the process repeats itself for everyone you encourage to buy and everyone they encourage to buy.

Okay. This may sound too easy. Too good to be true.

I know how you feel. I felt that same when Paul showed it to me. But as Paul told me more about it, I found it to be true.

It was easy but there was work to be done. And Paul helped me with that as I will help you.

We are always on social media, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 
It is just a matter of mentioning the products, uploading a few pictures and people will ask you about it.

This is how 10s of 1000s of people worldwide make extra money. Some it is their only source of income.

So you can build up to a pretty handy income which will see your dreams come true.
The amount you can earn is up to you ... with my help.

Think about it this way. You are going to buy these products anyway but now you get them delivered to your door and you make money.

You will not be alone. We will teach, train, support and mentor you.

If this sounds like something you feel you would like to know more about, tell me and we can have a chat over the phone or email if that is better for you.
Sometimes it is difficult to grasp in writing plus you will have questions.

Success In 10 Steps
Like any business, over 90% of everyone fails!!
You, your family and friends are no different.
Unless you have a way to learn how to be successful.
We supply a team of coaches and mentors who will gladly help you and teach you ............. FOR FREE.
The first step is to download our free eBook by Michael Dhouly, "Success in 10 Steps"
We see this as a good start.

We also have a number of other free eBooks as well for you to download but first things first.
This is not a sales eBook.

It does not mention any companies or products. You can use the information in any business you like.
So why should I help you be successful?

Because helping you, helps me in all sorts of ways.
The Universe rewards people who help others and will reward you to if you help others.
Ever heard the saying, 'If it's meant to be, it's up to me'?
Well. It's true.

The decision to make a good life for yourself IS in your hands.
What if I told you that by this time next year you could be making 1000s of dollars a month with just a little persistence, effort and the right information.
Now with just that little persistence and effort, you can truly live the life you desire by leveraging the wonderful power of the internet.
All it takes is a dream .... a desire and a decision.
And also the right information, coaches and mentors.
I want to help you and point you in the right direction.

I promise you that.

Contact me and you will see that I am true to my word.
Think about how you want your life to be financially in 5 years time.

Will doing what you are doing now give that lifestyle to you?

Click on the link below and we will help you achieve your 5 year dream!!

Click here to receive your FREE copy of "Success in 10 Steps" by Michael Dhouly

Holosync : Meditate like a Zen Monk

Every person has an emotional threshold.

When that threshold is exceeded, you feel uneasy, uncomfortable—even overwhelmed—and you deal with these feelings by using one or more coping mechanisms.

These include anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, sadness, substance abuse, overeating, and many others.

Incredibly, Holosync provides a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher.

When a person is traumatized in some way, especially during childhood (which happens, to some degree, to all of us) their threshold ends up being lower than if the trauma had not happened.

The more trauma you experience, the lower your threshold will be, and the more often you’ll be bothered by circumstances and life events…
…that might not bother another person who has a higher, more “normal” threshold.

If you have a lower threshold, you’ll exhibit, and suffer from, uncomfortable feelings and behaviors more often.

But even a person with a more normal threshold can be pushed over that threshold from time to time, depending on what’s going on in their life.

The solution to all of this?

Raise your threshold higher, which — by creating certain changes in the brain — is precisely what Holosync does.

As this happens, your  uncomfortable feelings and behaviors happen less and less often because…
…it becomes less and less likely that whatever is happening will push you over your (now higher) threshold and trigger these feelings and behaviors in the first place.

As a result, they fall away — for good.

You deal with whatever happens with more calmness and inner peace.

This is a lot like a runner who begins with a certain physical threshold, but raises it by running every day until what would have overwhelmed him in the beginning becomes easy.

Holosync gives you ALL these benefits:

  • Meditate as deeply (actually more deeply) than an experienced Zen monk, literally at the touch of a button…
  • Virtually eliminate stress from your life…
  • Naturally and safely stimulate the production of brain chemicals that dramatically slow aging and increase longevity…
  • Boost your mental powers to unheard of levels…
  • Eliminate most so-called “dysfunctional” feelings and behaviors and the problems they create in your life…
  • And attain a level of happiness and inner peace you may have not thought possible…

What is EFT or Tapping?
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Tapping is another popular name for it because it involves tapping on parts of the body.
EFT is a way to clear emotional conflicts in our minds and bodies. It is basically a stress-relief technique that in part is based on Chinese acupuncture.

We actually tap with our fingertips on the acupuncture points on our face and upper body while thinking about the problem that is bothering us.
Tapping works exceptionally well for

  • emotional stress
  • anxiety, fears, guilt
  • phobias
  • addictions
  • lack of success and abundance issues

because emotional issues cause disturbances in the energy system of our body.

Tapping clears these disturbances.
There's lot research going on to figure out exactly why tapping works so effectively, but regardless of the research, the results of tapping are exceptional and undeniable.

Many medical practitioners as well as psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers openly use these techniques.
Tapping doesn't cure a physical ailment, but it can reduce the symptoms by eliminating stress and reducing emotional conflicts which then allow the body to heal itself.
Tapping is also very effective in reducing and eliminating limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals and desires.
Tapping can be done by professionally trained practitioners or it can be done at home by yourself. There are many courses, audios and DVDs on the subject to teach you the correct techniques.
Nick and Jessica Ortner are Tapping specialists who have produced a DVD and a book, both called "The Tapping Solution."

Since 2009, they have been presenting "The Tapping World Summit, a FREE event  every year which attracted over 500,000 people in 2012.
Whilst Tapping appears to be 'witch craft' or 'hocus pocus' to some, it is an extremely effective means of attaining wealth, eliminating stress and other emotional ailments.

It has a huge worldwide following and the use of tapping is growing everyday.
The latest research is proving that when you use EFT Tapping to shift your unconscious beliefs and emotions, you shift the chemicals being released into the body

In doing so, you are literally able to cause a shift in your nervous system, as well as your digestive and endocrine systems, your hormones, your energy levels and more! 

So far, modern science's investigations into just why Tapping works have been astounding.

The results reveal that Tapping is the perfect bridge between cutting edge Western medicine and ancient healing practices from the East. 

 Free webinar: How to use Tapping to create an abundant, stress-free, financial future faster than you ever thought possible.

Hundreds of studies have been performed that show the effects of using Tapping on a variety of issues from
  • reducing stress in the body,
  • reducing physical pain,
  • reducing PTSD symptoms,
  • creating weight loss, and much more. 

Study after study show that when you deal with the underlying emotional issues, the body is brought back into balance leading to emotional well being, increased levels of happiness, weight loss, increased focus and productivity, improved immune system function and much more!

For example with weight loss, could you be exercising more and eating better?
I'm sure you'd say "yes, absolutely."

The challenge is of course rewiring our brain so that the way we think, feel and act is different.

  • So that we're motivated to exercise
  • So that we don't struggle with food cravings
  • So that we're not overwhelmed with cortisol that holds on to weight. 

This is what Tapping does so beautifully. 

And it does this with all the areas of our life where we struggle.

When we tap, we rewire the brain to make better decisions and take better actions that lead to more financial success.

We rewire the brain so that we show up different in life and attract better relationships, or we show up better in our current ones.

We rewire the brain to release physical pain from our body as our bodies release the traumas and emotions that hold pain in place. 

Every time you tap on a meridian point, while going through the tapping process and focusing on the challenge you're dealing with, you are sending a calming signal to your brain that is rewiring it.

Tapping works to literally rewire the brain, to change neuropathways so that you actually want to do the things that are going to improve your life and make you feel better. 

This is why Tapping works when other things fail!

And when you experience The Tapping World Summit, you'll get to actually feel the difference for yourself.

This is from Nick Ortner and the 11th Annual World Tapping Summit.

This event is free.