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Earn extra money, part time!

This opportunity can give you all the things below and more, if you want them and are prepared to work at them.

This is not a get-rich-quick opportunity but an opportunity to make extra money that can help you do the things below and make your life that little bit more comfortable, if you are prepared to work for them.

I am not going to promise you retirement, a 6 figure income and more time and money overnight like others do.

Yes, that is possible (not overnight) but wouldn't an extra $200 a week be of value? Or $500 a week? Maybe even $1000 a week?
Let's just leave it at that. Let's just aim for a few hundred dollars a week for now.

Just think of what you want and how much extra a week would achieve that.
Think about how you want to live in the next few years.

If you think the government or your boss is going to provide for you and give you the things you want! Great!!
If you think that superannuation is the answer and it will last for 30 or 40 years! Great!!
But unfortunately neither is true.

So take a few minutes to think about what you'd really like out of life and how it would be if you were able to achieve it.

Knowing what you want to achieve is the key to success in whatever you choose. Only by doing this can you focus your attention, energy and activity on achieving it.

Which of these things below would be an example of how you would like to live?
Do you want to:
Go on holidays?
Pay off your car?
Buy a new car?
Pay off your home early?
Buy a new home?
Buy an investment home?
Donate to charities?
Retire early?
Work part time?
Replace your partner's income?
Buy a boat or caravan?
Buy new clothes?
Give your kids the best education possible?
Pay off your debts?
Spend more time with your family?
Have more time & money for your sport or hobby?
Travel overseas?
Help your children financially?
Eat out more?
Where do you see yourself in 2 - 5 years time if you continue to create income the same way as you do now?
How do you see yourself in retirement financially?
Where would you like to be, financially, in 2 - 5 years time?
Is there something you really want to do or somewhere you really want to go because you can't afford the money or time to do it?
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